Application Tips

These are some simple tips and guidelines that can make it easier to apply the decal and improve long-term durability.

[ preparing the surface ]

- cleaning the surface properly is not required, but it will help the decal last longer
- avoid cleaning solutions that may leave any residue
- a simple spit shine or some dish detergent are two good options
- the decal will stick to a wet surface (water only), but the water must be squeegeed out thoroughly and allowed adequate time to dry before removing the application tape

[ checking the temperature ]

- for the adhesive bond to activate, the surface needs to be at least 10°C (50°F)
- warming the surface above 20°C (70°F) will improve adhesion performance
- if you don't have a heat gun, use a hair dryer or provide exposure to direct sunlight

[ preparing the decal ]

- lay the decal on a flat surface and press firmly with a squeegee (or credit card), this will help the application tape lift the decal from the backing paper
- before getting started, peel one corner slowly and check that the decal is releasing from the backing paper and remains on the application tape. if not, re-squeegee the decal on both sides
- do not allow the backing paper to get wet, this will make it difficult to remove from the decal

[ applying the decal ]

- be sure to align the decal correctly on the first attempt. trying to remove and reposition the decal will most likely destroy it
- lay the decal face down on a flat surface when removing the backing paper
- you can simply use your fingers to press the decal onto the surface, but using some form of squeegee (like a credit card) will improve adhesion and long-term durability
- allow at least 15 minutes before removing the application tape (the final step) to allow the adhesive bond to reach maximum strength, longer if the surface is cold or not perfectly smooth (such as some plastics or brushed metals)

[ decal not sticking? ]

- re-squeegee the decal firmly before attempting to remove the application tape
- heating the decal or the surface may help
- leave the application tape on for a few hours or even overnight

[ aftercare ]


- cleaning dust and dirt from the edges of the decal periodically may improve long-term durability
- small decals are best cleaned with water and a finger
- when cleaning with a sponge or cloth, avoid wiping into a sharp corner or edge of the decal